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Robert offers a comprehensive, creative and practical approach to handling his client’s most difficult legal problems. His areas of focus

  • Personal Injury

    Robert has extensive experience representing clients in a wide variety of serious personal injury cases. Examples include injuries caused by automobile accidents, bicycle and motorcycle accidents, defective products, assault and battery, sexual harassment/abuse, slip and falls, work accidents, and other similar cases.

    When representing clients injured by the actions of others, Robert understands how an unexpected injury can affect you and your family, potentially impacting your health and livelihood for weeks or even years to come. He has helped many clients obtain the compensation they need to cover the costs of medical expenses and related damages, and also to rectify the emotional impact of being the victim of an accident. His personal injury practice is comprehensive in the scope of accident claims he handles, and he has special expertise in serious injury cases.

    Representative Wrongful Death and Other Serious Injury Cases:

    • Wrongful death claim after a drunk  drove into on-coming traffic and collided with a vehicle, resulting in two fatalities.
    • Wrongful death claim after a man jaywalked and jumped a railing at night, not realizing he was on a bridge.
    • Hotel owner is sued after customers were severely beaten by gang members who fled the scene.
    • Landlord is sued after a tenant physically abused a child in her care.
    • Woman is stabbed by her boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend, resulting in serious injuries and lost earnings.
    • Elderly woman became entangled in an electrical cord at a convenience store and fell, resulting in serious injuries.
    • Employer is sued after an employee is caught molesting a minor while on the job.
    • Woman is seriously injured when a hockey player slid into the boards and caused a door to burst open.
    • Real estate agent is sued after an armed robber shoots the homeowner and steals valuables following a showing.
  • Product Defects

    There are three ways a product can be found defective, either: (1)  Manufacturing defect, which means the product differs from the manufacturer’s intended result; (2) Design defect, which means the product fails to perform as safely as an ordinary consumer would expect, or if there is a risk of danger inherent in the design which outweighs the benefits of that design; or (3) Failure to warn, which means the product is used in a manner that is reasonably foreseeable but the manufacturer fails to warn of dangers that are not readily recognized by the ordinary user of the product. Robert has experience litigating all types of product defect actions.

    Representative Product Defect Actions:

    • Homeowner sued computer monitor manufacturer claiming a defective monitor caught fire and burned his house down.
    • Homeowner alleged exposure to lead from residential roofing material.
    • Surgical table manufacturer is sued after patient suffered a carotid artery dissection following surgery.
    • Forklift manufacturer is sued after a man drove a forklift over a loading dock and suffered catastrophic injuries.
    • Electronic device manufacturer is sued after man is severely injured while testing high-energy electrical panel.
    • Motorboat manufacturer is sued after leaks caused extensive damage to the boat and the engine.
    • Beauty product device manufacturer is sued after woman suffers skin discoloration.
    • Artificial hip manufacturer is sued for product defect, requiring removal and replacement of device.
  • Business and Contractual Disputes

    Robert represents businesses and individuals in a wide variety of civil litigation matters. Examples include cases involving breach of contract, fraud, unfair business practices, trade secret violations, and indemnity issues. These cases typically arise from complex business dealings, but they can also involve relatively simple disputes between individuals involved in any type of conflict.

    Representative Matters Involving Business And Contractual Disputes:

    • Multi-unit apartment complex owner sued developer and general contractor for construction defects.
    • Home purchasers sued seller and seller’s real estate broker for non-disclosure of soil problems.
    • Homeowner sued contractor for construction of defective retaining wall.
    • Film producer is sued by actor for fraud, unfair business practices and misappropriation of public likeness.
    • Farmer is sued after mud from citrus grove flowed onto a neighbor’s property, causing significant property damage.
    • Company sued former employee for theft of trade secrets.
    • Semiconductor manufacturer is sued for alleged defects with computer wafer products.
    • Freight shipper is sued after rare and expensive rocks were damaged in transport.
    • Self-storage owner sued engineering firm after extensive water intrusion damaged building and storage units.
  • Professional Malpractice

    Professional malpractice occurs where one fails to exercise the care and skill ordinarily exercised under similar circumstances by other reputable professionals in the same field, and the failure to meet the standards of care results in damages to the plaintiff.
    Robert has experience representing clients in a variety of malpractice cases, including actions against medical doctors, nursing homes, stock brokers, attorneys, real estate agents and construction contractors.
  • Anti-SLAPP Motions

    The California Legislature enacted Code of Civil Procedure §425.16 to provide a way for defendants to strike down lawsuits that are brought for the illicit purpose of misusing the legal system. These are considered “SLAPP” lawsuits, which is an acronym for a “strategic lawsuit against public participation.”

    An “Anti-SLAPP” motion is a very effective way to have a lawsuit dismissed in its earliest stages. It also allows for the recovery of attorneys’ fees against the other side. If you have been sued for (or are considering suing for) malicious prosecution, defamation, or any other claim that involves the right of free speech or petition, contact Robert to discuss your case. He has drafted and prevailed on this type of motion at both the trial court and the appellate level.

    Representative Matters Involving “Anti-Slapp” Motions:

    • Man is sued by his ex-girlfriend for allegedly filing a false restraining order against her. Within two months of filing the lawsuit, the man’s Anti-Slapp motion was granted and attorney fees were awarded against woman. The woman chose to appeal, which was also unsuccessful, and then she dismissed the case.
    • Woman is sued for defamation after she wrote a letter to the editor criticizing a man running for public office. Within two months of filing the lawsuit, the woman’s Anti-Slapp motion was granted, attorney fees were awarded and the entire complaint was dismissed.
    • Woman is sued for allegedly pressuring the police to prosecute an individual for murder. Within three months of filing the lawsuit, the Anti-Slapp motion was granted, attorney fees were awarded and entire complaint was dismissed.